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libra monthly horoscope chart

Libra Monthly Horoscope Chart by Rahul Kaushal ,Oct 28, 2020

Monthly Horoscope Chart for the Month of September
You will be able to take decisions more intelligently in the beginning of this month as Mercury is situated in your lagan Rashid. You will get victory over your enemies and opponents with your positive attitude and choosing the right way. But take care of your health and your younger brother

Monthly Horoscope Chart for the Month of October
Beware from your opponents and enemies as they may harm you by fabricating a conspiracy against you in the starting period of this month. You might go away from your place for short time. The probability of relocation is not much in this period and if it happens in that case you can expect promotion and respectable position. Your expanses are more and you may earn less, which may create trouble for you during this period. To meet the expanses you may have to take a loan from some financial institutions or from some near relatives or friends. Keep yourself busy in your projects as they are near to complete in this month. You are planning to do something new in this month. But your laziness will hamper your work and all efforts will be wasted out. You will be involved in any quarrels in the middle of the month. Property related disputed will be sorted out during this period. You may give priority to your desires which are long awaited. At the last of this month you may get good results for your hard work. Set your mind spiritual to improve your health. Be careful while making money transactions. Economically you may be in a very sound condition than ever before. Irregular daily schedule can affect your working efficiency and it is advisable to give importance to stress management.

Monthly Horoscope Chart for the Month of November
Good money inflow will swell your bank balance and you may further enhance your business. Business projects and financial growth will be in right direction and you will be able to face any competition. Avoid altercations with any one. Atmosphere at home and also at your work place will be full of joy. Think wisely before loan out money to a friend as early and easy return will not be possible. You shall be more sensitive towards the mistakes of past and in addition to that you would like to perform more and more religious ceremonies for the fulfillment of your desires. The fortune may turn favorable in the mid of the month. You may adopt new techniques at your work place. Your seniors at your work place will remain happy with you in the middle of this month. Your business/profession will run smoothly. You will be successful in realizing money with the co-operation of your friends or colleagues. Your opponents and rivals may not be able to let you down in your business opportunities. Be aware from yours nears and dears as they may fabricate a conspiracy against you. If you are going to involve in any sort of legal cases, think it twice. The business related travel shall prove beneficial in this month.

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